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My wife and I decided to make our home on the beautiful mid north coast and enjoy the idyllic mix of rural and coastal living, all within a community of like-minded, freedom loving people. But this is not something we can ever take for granted. The last two years have revealed how power hungry politicians and bureaucrats are all too willing to trample our rights, to ban us from employment or even from seeing our loved ones, and to force their will on us, all while spending our children’s inheritance on their own wasteful schemes.

I am a part of the Liberal Democrats’ national policy committee and was one of the authors of the Freedom Manifesto, which outlines 10 key policies to get the government off your back, and restore the freedom to live your life and build community at the local level. It is a radical alternative to the political status quo, which I encourage you to read. But I feel it's important to also be on the front lines in this fight. I have put up my hand to run as the LDP candidate for Lyne, to stand up to the major parties and say - enough is enough. The major parties need to be held to account for what they have done to us.

In addition to farming life I am a university lecturer in Economics and Entrepreneurship. I have served as President of a State Sporting Organisation and worked in overseas aid and development, and have previously run telecommunications businesses. My wife and I have six amazing children.


This election, vote for less government and more freedom!

Our Freedom Manifesto outlines our 10 policies for the coming federal election. Click on each policy to learn more.

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